Why is it so hard to keep track of stuff?

Why might I need mysparebrain?

How busy is your life? How many browser tabs do you have open? How many things are you trying to remember and track?
If you're finding that life on the web is getting harder, that your interests are fragmented across loads of different sites, that you're having to mentally track the associations between websites and social media accounts and blogs and new sites... well it sounds like you're ready for the way that mysparebrain simplifies this muddle for you.

How does it help?

What does mysparebrain do for me

mysparebrain gives you a simple and natural way to remember, annotate, and organise things.
You can arrange information how you like, how it makes sense to you, not just lists and nested lists, or plain tags, but arrangements that make sense to you, with as much or as little detail, discipline and organisation as you want. With tags that can themselves have notes, annotations, urls, and further tags.
Somewhere to keep, track, and monitor things that won't all fit in your brain at once.

Tell me more...

The vision behind MySpareBrain

We have the aim to make it easier for you to get on with your life on a computer.
We think the computer should do the tracking and tracing and remembering, and leave you free to do the thinking, deciding, and acting upon what you learn.
We don't want the computer to do everything for us, just look after the boring bits of pulling everything together so you can focus on what you do best.